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M u r p h y
(Spartan Sweet Revenge)

Murphy is a beautiful 3 year old black and tan American Cocker Spaniel.
He lives with his mommy Gillian Hartlan in Herefordshire, England.
Murphy is a lovely boy, very friendly, loyal and trusting and a sheer joy to own.


M u r p h y

Murphy, a beautiful blue roan and tan English Cocker Spaniel,
was born July 22, 2000 just outside of Cleveland Ohio.
His mommy wanted him badly enough to fly across Canada,
then drive for 5 hours down to Cleveland to get him.
He now lives in North Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Murphy's personality is goofy, loving, smart and loyal (unless someone else has food).
His favourite things to do include eating paper products of any kind, stealing clothing from the laundry, hiking in the woods, going to daycare, "helping" out in the kitchen and just doing whatever it is that his people are doing.
Murphy has completed beginners obedience, and is now trying his paw at agility.

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B a i l e y
(Bailey's Irish Cream)

This is Bailey, he's a 7 year old English Cocker Spaniel.
Bailey was born in Sevilla, Spain on February 23, 1994.
He was adopted from the SWECAS Rescue Organization.
Now he lives with his mommy Heather Lundquist in Sweden.
He can catch treats and a toy in mid-air.
His favorite food right now is Friskies Digestive Complete Menu!
He can fetch things, but doesn't get the concept of always returning these things!
He hates vacumn cleaners, cats and other male dogs.

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P o p p y
(Wellwood Fizzy Pop)

Meet Poppy! She is a nineteen months old English Cocker Spaniel. She lives with her family in Coventry, UK which is right in the heart of England & very close to historical places such as Stratford on Avon where Shakespeare was born & Warwick & Kenilworth which both have old castles. Poppy loves to chase & retrieve a ball & loves one with a rope attached so she can play tug of war with her best mate Lolly (the family mutt).She loves ringcraft & as soon as she sees her ring lead she walks in a different way;just the way she should in the ring. Her favourite toy is a big blue fluffy bunny which was her prize for coming 1st in a junior handling competition.

Poppy with Emma-Jane

D a f f n e y

Meet "Daffney" she is a 9 month old American Cocker Spaniel and is White and Buff color. Daffney lives in Atasocsa, Texas with her Mommy, Daddy, sister, brothers and her farm animal friends that consist of a cow, steers, goat, rabbit and two house cats. But she is the "baby" and does no wrong ! Her family love her very much.

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M o l l y

This is Molly, she's a blue roan English Cocker Spaniel. Molly lives in Scotland with her mommy and daddy.
She was born on 6 December 2000.
Molly says: "I chase my ball, and eat slippers for a living.
I also have learned to take of peoples shoes and socks! How useful!
Somehow not everyone is happy at me doing this, but I feel it protects the furry floor stuff that my mistress keeps complaining about. Apparently, my eating a biro pen on stair furry stuff cost my humans lots of money stuff! I wonder why? What is money?"

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S a n t a n a

Santana is a cute black American Cocker Spaniel.
Her birthday is May 28th 1994 and she lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
She loves his two best buddies, Bo Bo a 75 pound rottie/shepherd cross and Jinny, a beautiful cocker spaniel. They visit her every 2nd weekend and They all love going to their off leash dog park. There, they can swim in the lake, play with their friends, it's lots of fun!

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