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D a r w i n and O r i o n

These precios American Cockers Spaniels live with their daddy Guy in Maryland. Orion is black and white and Darwin is buff.
Darwin will be 5 on March 31 and Orion is almost 3 (His b-day is on April)
Darwin and Orion are the precious little babies of Guy's family. As any of you doggie lovers out there will concur, they are like kids to them. Although not brothers by birth, Darwin and Orion have a great relationship. They play together and lay together, and really seem to enjoy each others company. Darwin's favorite thing to do is play ball...morning..noon and night! Orion is a snuggler, he loves to snuggle!

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E m i l y

Emily is a Red and White Parti American Cocker Spaniel and soon will be 10yrs old. She has lived with her mom and dad since she was 9 weeks old and is the light of their lives.Loves to get her picture taken and by this picture you can see what State Emily lives in.
She's a very cute little girl!

B r a d y

Brady is a gorgeous 1 and a half years old buff American Cocker Spaniel, he was adopted from FL. Lighthouse rescue.
His best friends are his human kids, Tristan and Randy!! He loves to fetch anything you throw and spends the rest of his day chewing his raw hide!
He lives with Missy, Bandit and Shannon in Shelbyville, Tenneessee .

E l l i o t
(Elliot Tell L'Amour)

Elliot is a handsome 1 year old American Cocker Spaniel.
He is in conformation and has two point at this time!
He has a wonderful personality he almost talks to his mommy June, he can let her know exactly what he wants!

G a b b y

This is Gabby! He's a cute 6 year old (7 in June) American Cocker Spaniel.
Gabby lives with his dad Manuel Villanueva in Warren, MI.
His favorite activity is going for walks and chasing squirrels. His neighborhood is full of squirrels for Gabby to chase!
Gabby also loves squeeky toys.

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M e l o n

This cute little guys is Melon. He's a 1 year old English Cocker Spaniel.
He lives with his mommy Eva and daddy Willy in Madrid, Spanin in a nice flat.
He has a very strong and dominant character, but at the same time he is so cute, loving and playful. He is a very good dog.

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J a x o n
(Baxter Jaxon Bleau Bailie)

This is Baxter Jaxon Bleau Bailie. He is an AKC Buff Cocker with CDX Champion bloodlines, and the foundation sire of Walking in the F.O.G. Cocker Spaniels of West Texas. He has sired many beautiful pups in the past 7 years and is still going strong. His pups have gone all over the world with military personnel, and are spread all over the US - from New Mexico to Kentucky. One even lives on a houseboat in New York City!
He lives with his mommy Genji Bailey in Levelland, Texas.
He's a beautiful boy!

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R a n g e r

Meet Ranger! Ranger is a buff American Cocker Spaniel. He lives with his mommy Jennifer in Texas.
Ranger mommy says:
" He does a lot of traveling with us and loves every minute of it. He is our "baby" so he is a little spoiled but I would have it no other way!"

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