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Scooter, Mardi, Lady, Jake & Abby

These cute American Cocker Spaniels live in California with their dad Jim Zim and family! Below are the pics of each of them! They are really beautiful!

M a r d i

This cute girl is a red & white, and she's totally ball crazy. She lives to chase tennis balls. She's extremely fast and can beat any of the other dogs to a tennis ball even if you give the other one a good head start.

J a k e

Jake is the youngest of the five, he is the chocolate and white parti . It took a lot of looking around and a lot of patience before his family finally found a breeder that had a chocolate & white puppy for them. He is going to be the stud dog for a long time to come. There are a lot of puppies in his future!

S c o o t e r

Scooter was the dog the Zims THOUGHT was going to be the stud dog around there. He fathered one litter of puppies before they discovered that he has a heart condition. The entire litter was black & white just like Scooter. Even though none of his puppies has shown any signs of heart trouble, they decided the safest thing to do was to neuter Scooter and find another dog to be their stud. They didn't want to take any chances with making puppies that might not be healthy. Scooter enjoys chasing tennis balls, but is not as fanatical about it as Mardi. He doesn't like conflict, so if there is another dog trying to get the ball, Scooter will lay back and let them have it. When he does have a ball in his mouth, he is so mellow that he'll even let one of the other dogs come right up and steal it out of his mouth!

L a d y

Lady is a little sweetheart. She is totally devoted to her daddy and mommy. Couldn't give a hoot about tennis balls... only wants to sit by their side or on their lap. Her idea of the perfect day would be to follow daddy around all day long... she is a total people-loving-dog! Her sable/white/chocolate coloring is quite unusual and very beautiful.

A b b y

Abby is the latest addition to the Zim family, she is a black and white American Cocker spaniel, she was born on December 8, 2000.
The thing about Abby's personality that stands out is that she is totally ball crazy! She is the first dog they've had around in a long time that can give Mardi (also totally ball crazy) a run for the money.
Abby and Mardi both just love to retrieve balls.
They get totally jealous when the other one gets to the ball first. They go at FULL SPEED to beat the other to the ball. Mardi, being older, is a bit more coordinated... so if she gets to the ball first, there is a very good chance that she will successfully stop it, get it in her mouth, and get away with it before Abby can get her teeth in to it. Abby, being newer at the game, is not as coordinated... so even when she gets a jump on Mardi and gets to the ball first, she often times will bobble it and not get it in her mouth quick enough before Mardi is all over it. Occasionally, they get in to a big tug-o-war over a ball... and very rarely they get so mad at each other over who's ball it is that an actual fight breaks out.
Abby is also learning how to jump up and balance on top of the igloo-shaped dog house. It's trick since it has a rounded top. Jake is the master at this, and Lady is quite good at it, too... although Jake is the only one that has mastered jumping from the top of one igloo to the other without falling off.

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