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B u f f y

Meet Buffy, a very cute red parti American Cocker Spaniel.
Buffy was born on February 18, 1998 and lives in Winfield Park, NJ.
She loves tummy rubs and playing with her pet rock.
She'll carry the rock in her mouth or slide it around the whole house until it goes under something that is too heavy for her to move, and then Lara (her owner) helps Buffy get the rock from underneath.
She also loves playing with her stuffed toys and tennis balls and going for walks outside.
Plus she loves goofing around with Mookie, her closest doggy friend.
They play together every day.
And they both get lots of love and attention.

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M a c G y v e r

Meet MacGyver!
An American cocker Spaniel from Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
He was born on June 1991 and lives with his human Adam.
A real macho-boy, very loyal and affectionate.
Loves to "kill" his stuffed toy animals, drink out of strange containers (see picture)
and run in the off-leash park.

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D e a r l y
(Miss Dearly Darling)

Dearly is an adorable buff American Cocker spaniel.
She was born on 03/05/01 and lives with her human in Jennifer Priester in Birmingham, AL.
Though nearly a year old, Dearly is still very much a puppy.
Her favorite past times are pulling the stuffing out of her stuffed toys and chewing on rawhide chips.
That and "attacking" her 2 sisters and brother (all cats).

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C a r l i t o s

Meet Carlitos! A very handsome orange roan English Cocker Spaniel boy, born on 12/29/1999.
Carlitos lives in Bucharest, Romania with his humans Dorian and Anna.

Carlitos Said:
"I'm fond of outdoor life and hate to walk on a lead.
Which I shouldn't since I live downtown.
While in the big park, on weekends, I like to buddy up with dogs of all breeds,
girls and boys alike *blush*.
I like to snuggle in Dorian's bed at his feet and I also have a terrific liking for chin and belly rubs.
But I do long for a true countryside-style life and I have a feeling that so does Dorian. Oh well."

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B r o c - L e e

Broc-lee is very cute 5 year old buff American Cocker Spaniel.
He was born on November, 10 1996.
He lives in Winter Park, Florida with his wife Ellie May (4yrs), his daughter Hershey kisses (2yrs).
And of course his human family Bill & Tammie Byers.
Broc-lee loves to swim, jet-ski, knee board and meet other females!
He's been the father of 5 litters!

L u n i t a

Lunita is a very cute red English Cocker Spaniel gal from Almerķa, Spain.
She was born on june 27, 1998.
Lunita is very affectionate, good and smart.
She is very calm, although she always wants to go out for walks.
If she is at home, she gets bored and sleeps. If it were for her, she would be all out day on the street.
She also loves the water, even if it's winter and she goes to the beach, she goes swimming in the water, no matter if it's cold.
She stands out on how affectionate and good she is.
She passes the day greeting her humans and wagging her tale, so she gets lots of petting and kisses.
Lunita loves food and is always looking for it.
Her mission is to make her humans happy and she is very good at it!

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